SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Brett Brown's road to the head coaching position of the Philadelphia 76ers started with his simple Maine roots. One of his long-time friends and former teammates remembers them all too well.

1980 alum Dave Cousins, a year younger than Brett, grew up with the Brown family having played under Brett's dad, New England Hall of Fame coach Bob Brown.

Having seen and learned from both Browns first-hand,Cousins said hesaw Brett inherit certainqualities from his father at a young agethat helped mold him into the coach he is today.

"I think the straightforwardness where he needs to be straight forward. I mean, I was really close to the family and I can remember wiffleball and ping pong and we just went at it all the time. At the end of if was fun, but during the competition, even with coach, you wanted to go out and do the best you could," he said.

Cousins also added he'll more than likely go down to TD Garden when the Sixers come to Boston in 2014.

The Celtics will host Philadeliphia on January 29 and April 4.

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