(NBC NEWS) -- President Obama tried to come out strong, against the violence in Egypt yesterday, but today, protesters are vowing more rallys. And the Egyptian government is threatening more deadly force.

In Cairo, the grief and anguish grows this morning as families identify the hundreds of people, killed in street clashes because of the violence.

President Obama has canceled military exercises with the Egyptian military as the state department is also reconsidering U.S. aid. "We call on the Egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. We call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully," said President Barack Obama

Despite the warnings, protests continued yesterday.

Supporters of the country's ousted president are planning more demonstrations today...

And the Egyptian government is threatening to use deadly force. "Part of the challenge here is not only what message do you send to the generals, it's how do you entice the Muslim Brotherhood back into the political process when they have this rising list of grievances?" said Former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, P.J. Crowley.

In Egypt, some complain the U.S. hasn't done enough to help. "There has to be a complete total condemnation of the military coup," said Dr. Tamir Al-Sabri, Cairo Resident.

But Many Analysts Wonder How Much Influence The U.S. Still Has With Egypt- A Once Reliable Ally.

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