WHITEFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Anoutpouring from businesses and the community is helping ease the pain in the small community of Whitefield.

Authorities say several pieces of equipment were stolen yesterday from the volunteer fire department.
Those items were scheduled to be auctioned off at a fund raiser this weekend.

Volunteer firefighters are calling the theft pretty brazen because it happened during the day at a time when people were unloading donations at the fire department. But as word has spread about the incident the donations have been pouring in.

Volunteers believe at least two people are responsible for stealing two lawn mowers, a snow blower, a water pump and leaf trimmer. All of the items, which are worth at least 12-hundred dollars were parked in plain sight in front of the Cooper Mills Volunteer Fire Department.

They along with hundreds of other items were donated for the department's annual auction set for Saturday.

All of the proceeds will go to a fund to build a new fire station.
Publicity surrounding the incident has prompted a half a dozen businesses including Lowe's and Hone Deport to donate new merchandise for the auction.

No witnesses have come forward with any information about the case. If you have any information you can call the Lincoln County Sheriff's office. The auction gets underway at the fire station at ten Saturday morning. It is located on Main Street in Whitefield. If you have a donation you can call 215-6600.

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