LINCOLN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It was a busy day for Maine Game Wardens in the Lincoln area on Tuesday, with two women being charged during two separate incidents for allowing minors to operate anATV.

Jessica Wheeler, 34,of Lincoln has been charged with failure to report an accident after her 8-year-old daughter injured her neck on an ATV operated by another 12-year-old girl. Authorities say they were unsupervised and without safety training and neither of them should have been on the Lincoln trail where they lost control and crashed into the woods. According to the Maine Warden service, that same day Jessica Tenney, 33,also of Lincoln, was charged for allowing her two young children to operate an ATV on the same trail.

"When we allow our children to ride an ATV there's rules that apply. You have to follow those rules or you can suffer a monetary penalty," said Sgt. Ronald Dunham with the Maine Warden Service."Fortunately the children weren't seriously injured and that's the goal behind the rules and the laws is to keep people safe."

When it comes to the laws regarding minors operating an ATV, the Maine Warden Service says thata person under the age of 10 may not operate one.Anyone between the ages of 10 and 16 must successfully complete a state training course.

There are exceptions. Those laws don't apply to the operation of an ATV onland owned or leased by the operators parents or guardian, or a safety training site approved by the department.

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