PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - In a Friday afternoon press conference, Portland Pirates CEO Brian Petrovek said county changed lease deal and now won't negotiate.

The Civic Center lease was taken off the table as of 5pm Thursday and according to Petrovek, the deal not consistent with agreed to terms.

According to Petrovek, the deal in April included the Pirates receiving 57.5% split in food and beverage revenue. The original plan included alcohol sales.

The State of Maine ruled that agreement violated state law, so the deal had to be readjusted.

The difference of opinion now, according to Petrovek, is how the deal gets adjusted to equal the real dollar value that the original 57.5% deal agreed to by both parties in April.

Petrovek feels the Cumberland County Civic Center Board of Trustees has not provided them a document that equals those dollars. Petrovek said "All we said to the building then problem, come back to us with an equivalent equation...that gets us to the same place."

Petrovek also stated the Pirates have no option other than to look at alternative solutions including playing at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston. Petrovek said "that is the first place we will look."

After the Portland Pirates press conference, The Civic Center chairmantold NEWS CENTERthere will be no Portland Pirates hockey at Civic Center in Portland.

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