BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Around 19 incoming Freshman from the University of Maine volunteered their time Saturdayat Momentum. Asupport program for adults with developmental disabilities.

The program provides around 44 adults in the Bangor area with residential and day program support. Those include adventure basedthings like ATV rides, skydiving, and camping trips. To help out, Freshman from the University volunteered to work throughout the day.

"It's great because I don't really get the opportunity to volunteer that much, so it's good to volunteer every once in a while," said student Luke Dang.

Volunteers did everything from outdoor yard work, to car washing and even some organization inside the Momentum building. All hard work that makes things easier for program Administrator, Carl Crawford.

"I really appreciate the University of Maine's day out for first years coming out," said Crawford. "It gets them out into the community making some community connections with folks and plus they do a lot of good."

Momentum haslocation sites inBangor, Casco, Brunswick and Portland.

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