ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- If you happened to catch the 'Katie' showMonday afternoon on WLBZ you might have noticed a local voice was on the program.

Dr. Amy Blackstone is chair of the sociology department at the University of Maine. Her research focuses on the decision more young couples are making in the U.S.these daystonot have kids.

Dr. Blackstone is also a 'child-free' person herself. Her and her husband Lance married more than 15 years ago with the intent not to have children. The couple now manages a blog on living 'child free.'

Blackstone was invited to appear on 'Katie' to talk about her research. She says when she got the call to come on the show as an expert she felt pretty honored.

"It's wonderful to have your work matter to your peers," she said, "but I guess it's the cherry on top of thesundae to have it matter to people who are not sociologists and to have people take interest in a topic that I spent a lot of time researching."

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