BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Penobscot County Sheriff's department held a press conference today announcing a new implementation of biometric iris technology, a technology aimed to not only lower the amount of mis-releases, but to identify and bring up criminal information about a person in a matter of seconds by performing an iris scan.

This is the first partnership between the state department of corrections and the county jail system in the nation. Due to budget issues there are only four jails with this system currently in the state, but the sheriff's department says this is the most cost effective, and timely, way to identify offenders.

There have been multiple occurances where a mis-release has taken place, and this can happen when two people have the same name or when two people look a like and the wrong person ends up being released. But with this system, officers can have an offenders information in a matter of seconds.

Sean Mullen, the President of BI2 Technologies says that while no biometric is 100% full-proof, this technology is the most effective and most tamper-proof.

"There are approximately 235 unique biometric descriptives in each one of our eyes, that are totally unique in left and right eyes, they're formed after birth. They're formed as a result of nothing to do with your DNA it's actually the random tearing of the tissue, of the membrane of the pupil," said Mullen.

"Ibelieve this is one of the first steps moving law enforcement forward into knowing who they are dealing with. Sometimes who they're dealing with under alias names are wanted for very serious crimes and this will help us identify that," said Penobscot County Sheriff Glenn Ross.

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