NEWPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A couple from New Jersey are asking for the help of Mainers after having their twodogs stolen Saturday night.

Bruce and Donna Bellace pulled into the Foster's Gas Station just off I-95 in Newport to fuel up around 10:30pm Saturday. Their two 8-month-old chocolate Labrador retrievers locked in their crateson the back of their truck.

"Stopped in just to fuel up and stretch our feet, got out of the truck, checked on thedogs. We always every stop check on them," said Bruce.

After getting fuel and checking on the dogs, the couple went inside the gas station to pay, returning back 5 minutes later to find their dogs gone. They believe that someone stole them by pulling them out through holes in the crates side. After 3 days of working the phones and using social media, the couple is asking for the public's help in tracking their dogs down.

"It's just hard because we're going to go home with out them and I just want them back," said Donna.

TheBellace's have put up a $1,000 reward for the dog's safe return. If you have any information about the dogs or their theft, you are asked to call the Newport Police Department at 368-3263.

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