BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Demolition of the cement grandstand at Cameron Stadium in Bangor began in late July, and now the end of the first phase of the project is near. The Bangor High School football team has yet to play a game on its home field this year, but that will change this weekend.

"Seven weeks since we started demolition andhere we are today sitting in the bleachers. I'm happy to see it coming together so nicely, it's gone very well," said Alan Kochis, Director of Business for the Bangor School Department.

Cameron Stadium may not look totally done ...but it's ready for some football

"Everyones excited. All the fans I've talked to are excited about the project," said Kochis.

"It'sa gorgeous grandstand that seats 2800 people. Well constructed and great views from all seats," said Kochis.

The new bleachers are twenty yards wider than the old grandstand, beginning at the 15-yardline and ending at the opposite 15-yardline. But there's still more work to be phase one.

"We're in the middle of phase one, $1.65 million. The new bleachers, the drainage, the demolitions and eventually the locker room and restroom facility," said Kochis.

The lights will be up shortly, but the transformer has yet to be be built, calling for all football games to be held during the day.

Kochis expects the lights, as well as the locker room and rest room facilities to be completed by Spring.

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