PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It comes as no surprise to anyone, but Eliot Cutler is once again a candidate for governor.
Cutler made his announcement during a series of events Tuesday, saying he's in the race to give more Mainers opportunity and that neither Democrats nor Republicans are showing they can do it.

Cutler came in second to Governor LePage in 2010,but he vows that won't happen again. He said his campaign is about equality of opportunity, giving back to the state that has given him so much. He said Maine needs to invest in communities, reform its tax structure, and follow a well-defined plan.

Cutler said, "I'm running for governor to repay a debt to a state that gave my grandfather and my parents and me extraordinary opportunity. And I think every person in Maine deserves opportunity."

He also wasn't afraid to take a swing at his opponents. He said of Governor LePage," Instead of a governor who is a salesman for Maine around the world, we have a governor who has left Maine red-faced and embarrassed all over the world."

Of Congressman Michaud, he said, "I like Mike, too, but he is a product of 30 years in Augusta and Washington, and that is not what Maine needs today. His party's policies didn't work before, and they won't move Maine forward now."

Both Michaud and LePage responded.

David Farmer, the senior adviser for Congressman Michaud's campaign said, "After two runs for governor, Eliot Cutler and I finally agree on something. And that is that Mike Michaud is a nice guy. And we believe, and I think the polls confirm, that Mike is the strongest candidate in this race."

LePage Senior Political Adviser Brent Littlefield sent a statement that said, in part, "Maine people support the pro-jobs and anti-debt policies of Governor Paul LePage not the liberal smooth talking of Michael Michaud and Eliot Cutler."