ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- David Cable, the father of Nichole Cable, speaks for the first time about the loss of his daughter and how he thinks the death of his daughter was handled.

David Cable has been unwilling to go on camera, choosing to deal with his daughter's murder in private. He did finally agree to talk because he feels the death of his daughter is being exploited by her own mother.

David Cable said, "The more Kristine tries to make herself out to be the mom that she wasn't, I think it makes my daughter look more like a bad person and she wasn't. Any 15 year old is going to do whatever they want if they don't have a parent to say no."

David says what bothers him is Kristine discussing how Nichole's death could have been prevented.Or painting, what he considers, his daughter in a bad light.

David Cable also expresses concern about the Nichole Cable Fund, a private bank account in Kristine Wiley's name. David says most people donated to the fund thinking it was going to Nichole's funeral expenses, but David paid covered the cost himself.

In a probate court hearing this August over Nichole's estate, Kristine explains where the money went from the fund.

According to the recordings, Kristine used some of the funds to pay for some of the things she said she would and some she did not. We did make multiple calls to Kristine Wiley and did not get a response.

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