WINSLOW, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Members of the wrestling boosters at Winslow High School were shocked when they discovered that their fundraiser account, which they say should have had thousands of dollars in it, had been whittled down to less than one hundred dollars.

The Booster members are saying that one of their own members is responsible for taking the money.

Once the discrepancy was discovered, it was reported to the police. The Kennebec County District Attorney told us today that an investigation into what happened to the money is pending, and a decision on what charges, if any, will be brought against the alleged perpetrator will be made in the coming days.

For now, the account remains drained, and wrestling team members hope new funds can be raised before the start of their season.

"It kind of hurts, you know, that someone would actually take that away from us," saysJohnny Lagasse, a member of the Winslow wrestlingteam."They said that they would always want to see us enjoy it, and then they just take it away just like that, you know? It hurts a lot."

The school's athletic director says many people and groups in the area, including other booster programs, have already donated to help the wrestling team get back on its feet.

If you would like to find out how you can donate to Winslow's wrestling program, contact the school at 872-1990. A Facebook page has also been created to let community members know about upcoming fundraisers. To view the facebook page, click on the following link:

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