BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- After decades of waiting, a family from Downeast Maine is getting much needed closure this weekend. One of their loved ones has returned home to be laid to rest more than 60 years after dying in the Korean War.

Corporal Robert J. Tait of Bar Harbor was only 17 when he joined the United States Army. He was taken captive as a prisoner of war while serving in Korea. Tait's family got word that Robert died as a POW in 1951 after suffering from malnutrition. His remains were not found in North Korea until just last month.

The Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office contacted Tait's older sister Iona Strout to give her the news. Strout still lives in Bar Harbor. She says not long after getting word about her brother many groups contacted her about organizing ways to honor him.

"It's just wonderful," Strout said, "I didn't realize there was so many people out there..I've got calls from so many's just wonderful."

Corporal Tait's remains were flown into Boston. From there they were taken to Bar Harbor on Wednesday where they were greeted with a processionin theafternoon. Tait will be laid to rest at 11 a.m. Saturday morning at the Ledgelawn Cemetary in Bar Harbor.

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