PORTLAND, Maine (NECN) -- The partial government shutdown is impacting everything from state parks, to housing loans and

A little known government agency is responsible for approving new beers and their labels. At Allagash Brewing in Portland, they have a line of new beers and labels awaiting approval. Until the government reopens they can't sell those beers across state lines.

It's also an issue for Rising Tide brewery, which has had a new beer in the works for almost a year and had hoped to use it to grow the business outside of Maine.

"Consumers expect us to be coming out with new varieties, cool new labels and coming up with creative new beers," said Heather Sanborn of Rising Tide Brewery. "That's what the industry is all about, right now everything is on hold."

The shutdown is also impacting several new breweries trying to open in Maine because they can't get the federal license they need to brew beer.

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