MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There are several things that can impair a driver while behind the wheel, which is what students and faculty got a lesson in at the University of Maine at Machias Thursday.

The Arrive Alive Tour program made a stop at the Machias campus offering both a drunk driving and texting while driving simulation. Students used goggles with video built in them while behind the wheel of a real car. The situation allows students, in a controlled environment, to see what the consequences could be of a drunk and distracted driver.

"It's an eye opener for most people I think. They usually crash maybe hit a pedestrian or something," said Team Leader with Arrive Alive, Tyler Herbstreith. "Hopefully it changes a lot of people's minds.

After doing the simulations, students were given fake citations that would be issued by police if they were actually texting or driving drunk while driving.

"It's something to take serious,"said Junior,Morgan Raymond. "It's not something to just joke about."

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