PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Thursday evening a barge carrying a four-story building made its way into Casco Bay. While that would be unusual, but not extraordinary, the fact that little is known about the building, its intended purpose or who owns it, nowhas people seeking answers.

"I noticed it, and I said, huh? That wasn't there before. What is it?" It looks a little mysterious and it looks a little iffy to me!" exclaimed Vivian Franck, who walks along Portland Harbor near her home most days. "There is no name on it. What are they doing here? Where is it going? What is its aim? What is its goal? Who knows?"

It seems right now there are more questions than answers. What is known is that the building was fabricated on the barge in New London, Connecticut. Media outlets there tried to find out the details behind the mystery structure, but could not find many.

Here in Maine, Cianbro Corporation will be working on the interior of the building. Reached by phone, CEO Peter Vigue said a confidentiality agreement between his company and the building's owner prevent them from disclosing what the building is being built for, who owns it, what type of work is being done, how many employees will be involved or even how long the project will take?

What we do know is that this new addition to Portland Harbor is turning as many heads as have been scratched trying to figure out what it is and where it may be going.

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