FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan (WDIV) -- A five month old Michigan baby comes close to choking to death, swallowing his own pacifier.

Thanks to quick thinking of doctors, the child is expected to make a full recovery.

Doctors still do not understand it.

"He is amazing. He bounced back like nothing happened. He will never remember, and i will never forget," said mom Adrian Herrick.

"I will not forget that horrifying phone call either. I was in shock. I didn't know how that could happen."

The five month old had swallowed this pacifier while at daycare.

The pacifier is called the soothing and it's what most hospitals give babies after birth.

Daycare workers say little Cameron was holding the base and chewing on it as he was teething.

"She said he either jumped up or rolling over," said Herrick.

According to Herrick the daycare owner tried to get the pacifier out of the baby's mouth

That's when Cameron took a deep breath and sucked it in further.

When daycare workers were not able to reach it to get it out, they called 911.

Cameron was rushed to a nearby hospital.

"We we're not sure what to think. We thought it was a piece of the pacifier. But the entire pacifier was down the baby's throat. He was barely breathing," said emergency room doctor Matt Warpinski.

Doctors put a needle in the baby's neck and hooked it up to oxygen to breathe for him.

"All the thoughts run through your head thinking is my kid going to live?" said Herrick.

After hours of surgery, it was a miracle doctors got the pacifier out.

"It actually from my understanding came out in pieces because it was lodged in there so tightly," Warpinski said.

But that gave this little boy another chance to be back in his mother's arms.

"I would give an organ to every staff member that helped in his survival if i could. I'd give it to them in a heartbeat. Because they gave me life," Herrick said.

Cameron is back to playing.

His mother said he is eating and back on his sleeping routine.

Thankfully all turned out great.

She said he will no longer go to that daycare where the incident happened.

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