TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A big goal of retirees is to live independently for as long as possible. So it only makes sense that the Topsham retirement community, The Highlands, is leasing part of its campus for a new primary care facility.

The new health care center, run by Mid Coast Medical Group, is going to follow a relatively new model in the primary care world: The Patient Centered Medical Home. What it means is that a group of doctors, nurses and specialists works with each patient on his or her needs, following up frequently to make sure the patient is following his or her treatment plan.

Lois Skillings, President and CEO of Mid Coast Health Services said, "You may have outreach call from the nurse. How's that diabetes going? How are you doing with that blood pressure medication, in between visits to keep you healthy."

The Highlands is hoping that in the next two or three years, it can lease land for offices focusing on physical therapy and nutrition, among other health care needs.

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