(NBC News)Just as you get ready for those fall yard cleanup projects, there's some encouraging news about the outdoor power equipment you could be using.

But even battery-powered chain saws, lawnmowers that last an hour before recharging or leaf blowers that blow faster than their gas counterparts aren't enough to convince skeptics.

"People think battery-powered stuff is weak and under-powered or cheap," said Lincoln Jore of CORE Gasless Outdoor Equipment.

At a huge trade show this week in Louisville, Kentucky some big names in the largely gas-powered outdoor equipment industry concede batteries have gotten much better.

"The performance of batteries today far exceeds that of prior technologies," Husqvarna's John Marchionda said.

"The batteries that you're talking about that have evolved immensely over the last 5 or 6 years...primarily driven by the automotive industry," said Jore.

On the theory being that if a car can run on nothing but battery, so can a grass trimmer.

So, the push at the trade show was to get professional lawn care guys to take the "electrics" for a spin.

"But these are now lithium-ion batteries and the best part about it is the recharge time is anywhere from, it's generally an hour but you can probably get 80% use in maybe 30 minutes of recharge," said Peter Sawchuk of Consumer Reports.

Core outdoor equipment out of Montana has taken it a step further.

President Lincoln Jore says their motors, made with circuit boards are better suited for battery powered equipment.

"So, basically, the battery is not having to work as hard because you've got a more efficient motor? Correct, correct, where a traditional wire-round motor is about 50% efficient, our motors are up into the 90% range," Jore said.

Manufacturers are hoping if more pros can be convinced to switch to battery more consumers will follow.