BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This weekend marked the start of the holiday shopping season in Downtown Bangor. Shoppers were able to experience early bird sales on Saturdays to kick off a holiday season that should be a busy one for downtown shop owners.

"I keep saying over and over again downtown has really turned the corner, downtownhas really grown and really thrived," said Jason Bird, Business Development Officer for the city of Bangor.

Which was evident this weekend during the start of the holiday season.

"There was a line outside of our door when we opened, lots of great people came in and it was just a great day for business. There's been a lot of new boutique stores that have opened here in the last few years," said Zeth Lundy, co-owner of Central Street Farmhouse in downtown Bangor.

"I think it's the atmosphere really if you look around you have a cluster of unique businesses and unique shops the atmosphere, the experience itself is just really something you cant find anywhere else," said Bird.

Like the mall for example, butdoesn't mean you shouldn't shop there.

"Ialways use the whole disco and punk comparison where it's okay to like disco and punk, it's okay to go to the mall and go to downtown it's just downtown is just going to be amore funky experience than you are going to get in a big box store," said Lundy.

"The gifts you'll find downtown are a little different not only is the quality great but just the friendlyness and the customer service level you'll get," said Bird.

We're not even at Thanksgiving yet and the early holiday success...

"We have a lot of businesses already reported that they had one of the best days of the entire year," said Bird.

Is a good sign of what is still to come.

"If yesterday was that good, we've got great plans for Plaid Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving in downtown," said Lundy.

"It'sa little bit different, a little bit unique. We open a little later there's no pushing, no shoving. People wont get trampled on when they come downtown," said Bird.

Which is always a good thing.

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