BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There were some frightening moments in the sky over Bangor for 155 passengers aboard an Allegiant Air Flight that took off from BIA Sunday morning.

PHOTOS:Engine failure on Alligiant Airlines flight 737

Officials from Allegiant Air and Bangor International Airport tellNEWS CENTERthatFlight 737 bound from Bangor to Sanford/Orlando, Floridalost one of it's two engines and had to return to the airport and make an emergency landing. The plane took off around 11:30 a.m.and had turned around and made the landing shortly before noon. Al Blackadar was among the passengers aboard the plane.

"As we were going up we hadn't been in the air very long maybe 10-15 seconds and there was a series of loud bumps bangs clangs however you want to say it and the plane shuttered a little bit," explained Blackadar "The plane had a lot of little old ladies in there and I saw a lot of them praying so I think some of them were pretty scared."

The Plane landed without incident and nobody was injured. BIA Assistant Airport Manager James Canders, who was a pilot himself, says the pilots did a good job landing the plane safely.

"It's not a common thing for an engine to fail these airplanes are maintained to strictFAA standards so for this one to fail was a bit of an unusual circumstance. Pilots especially for the airlines they go through rigorous training they go through simulators and you know practice these kinds of events," explained Canders.

Allegiant Air brought in another plane that took passengers to Florida Early Monday morning. The passengers were put up in hotels in Bangor overnight. Airport officials say all but 10 or 15 took the flight and the others were offered refunds. Allegiant Air says it has a team of mechanics inspecting the plane to find out what went wrong with the engine. The plane is an MDM-80 , which is a two engineplane that can carry up to 166 passengers. There were 6 crew members on board. Allegiant Air has been offering service out of Bangor since November 2007.

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