PORTLAND, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- A Maine environmental group says wind power projects in the state are helping protect the environment and improve public health. The group called Environment Maine today released a report to show the benefits of wind power.

The study says wind power reduces carbon emissions, blamed for causing climate change, as well as other pollutants that come from fossil fuel power plants. The study also says wind farms save water that would be used to cool those plants.

The group says the net result for Maine is cleaner air, plus electricity. An industry group, the Maine Wind Industry Initiative, says wind projects are also generating jobs for the companies that build them. It says 1,000 people have been employed building wind farms around the state, and that several of the major Maine contractors are now doing significant wind farm wok outside the state as well.

The groups held a press conference in Portland to promote the report and push the politics of wind. They say Governor Paul LePage's opposition to wind projects is a threat to the industry's continued growth. They also say the two Federal government tax incentives for wind projects will expire at the end of December unless they are renewed by Congress.

Environment Maine says the combination of previous state policy and those federal subsidies has allowed the state's wind industry to thrive up to now. Environment Maine says the four members of Maine's Congressional delegation support continuation of the federal wind subsidies.

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