WALES, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Only one team in Oak Hill football history has wona state title. Now the Raiders have another chance at state title with four currentl players trying to do what their dad's did 31 years ago.

Four members of the 2013 Oak Hill football team are the sons of members from their 1982 Class 'D' championship team. Brent Muhlerin (son of Todd), Garrett Labbe (Steve Labbe), Matt Strout (son of Gordon), Dalton Therrien (son of Don).

Sophomore defensisive back Therrien and freshman lineman Matt Strout, like their fathers Don and Gordon, are regular contributors to the state final teams. Both Therrien's started as sophomore DB's, the elder Strout ran for more than 1,400 yards and 24 touchdowns.

For the sons trying to do what their fathers have done, Saturday's Class 'D' final is a moment they've been waiting for as long as they can remember.

"It's all I've wanted for most of my life," said Matt Strout.

Dalton Therrien added, "Every time I drive to school you can see the signs up. It just gives me chills every time."

As for the dads now enjoying the ride from the stands, they obviously remembered their run fondly and have talked abou it at length with their sons.

"It was a blast," said Gordon Strout.

The elder Therrien added, "It takes you back sometimes."

Their coach was thefirst one in program history: Jeff Sturgis (1976-86).He's been a loyal spectator throughout this season and is experiencinga similar joy towhen heguided the Raiders to their previous two finals in 1982 and '84.

"It's been a real thrill to watch this team," he said.

Sturgis spoke with the team on Tuesday evening and shared his wisdom from his experiences.

"Relish this week, but don't lose focus," he said.

Sentiments the fathers echoed.

"Leave it all on the field and give it everything you've got, because you may not get back," Strout said.

"This is the most high you'll ever get in life. You don't need drugs or alcohol. This is the high you want to live off," said Therrien.

Imagine the feelingof thethe gold ball instead of a regional title.

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