HARMONY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's been five months since Jaydon Talbot lost his leg in a lawnmower accident in Harmony. An accident that changed his life, but hasn't affected his positive attitude.

We first met Jaydon in June during a baseball benefit for him. At that time sports were pretty hard for him, but not anymore. Thanks to countless physical therapy visits at Redington-Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan,Jaydon has made huge progress learning to walk with his new prosthetic leg that he received in August.

"I think he's making progress a little bit faster than we expected and we're just in hopes that that continues," said his physical therapist, Lacey Mason.

Jaydon has achieved several goals that he set, including being able to walk up the school bus steps by himself. Accomplishments that make his uncle, Tom Gurley proud.

"I think he's going to be a better kid out of it," said Gurley. "He's so focused and determined at this age to get better and do what he wants."

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