ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Students graduating and facing loan debt seems to be the norm. A new study shows more and more college students are turning to loans in order to get an education. Nationally, seven in ten students will graduate with the burden of student debt.

For students in Maine this new information shows we actually rank one of the highest for college debt. Each year 67% of graduates in Maine face student debt with an average of $29,000.

Once a student graduates they are still left hoping to find work to pay off those loans. Maine lawmakers are hoping to help with the burden. In January, lawmakers will hear potential bills to help combat student debt and encourage more young people to attend college.

One idea previously discussed was following a pilot program in Oregon. Students are given a tuition free education, but once they graduate and find a job a portion of their paycheck goes back to the state.

These ideas are still in the early stages and it will take time to figure out which plan works best for both the student and the state.

Unfortunately, the amount of loans does not seem to be going down. Since 2008 loan debt has increased by six percent.

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