CONCORD,NH (NEWS CENTER) - 17 years after he pleaded guilty to murdering his parents, a New Hampshire man is getting a second chance at life on the outside.

It was a crime that shocked and stunned the community of Rochester. Two teenagers murdered their parents. Jeffrey Dingman was just 14-years old at the time. His Brother Robert was 17. Soon Jeffrey Dingman will be a free man.

"I guess I grew up, I weigh my decisions more, I don't just act. Try to be a better person", Jeffrey Dingman told the three member parole board when asked how he has changed.

The earliest Jefffrey Dingman can be paroled is February 7th of next year. Because of some of the conditions placed on him today he'll likely be set free several months after that.

Jeffrey Dingman was just 14 years old when he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and agreed to testify against his older brother in the murders of their parents. It was a late friday afternoon back in February 1996 when the brothers waited for the parents to arrive home from work. As each one arrive separately the brothers ambushed them shooting and killing them. At the time Jeffrey told investigators he was going along with the plan his older brother Robert conceived.

Now here he was a 31 year old man, inside a small room at the New Hampshire State prison asking for a second chance. A second chance is what his aunt Elizabeth Landry wants for him. Landry's sister Eve and brother-in-law Vance were murdered by the brothers.

"My husband Maurice and I are in favor of Jeffrey being paroled and having a second chance at life. The loss of my sister and brother-in-law are very tragic and we miss them very much. I was there when Jeffrey was arrested and I have a clear memory of the cry of pain that came from him", Landry told the board.

The board agreed to parole Dingman provided he gets counseling and adult life skills training something he never learned growing up behind bars. Dingman's brother Robert was 17-years old when he committed the murders. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

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