BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Police in Biddeford say the man found dead at a home in Biddeford is believed to be the perpetrator in a string of robberies across the city over the past week.

Friday morning, investigators identified the suspect as Tyler Trottier, 27, of Biddeford. Police Chief Roger Beaupre says investigators used video surveillance from the businesses that were robbed to find the suspect's truck. That led them to Trottier's home at 12 King Street.

Police shut down several roads in that area on Thursday night as they closed in on Trottier. Officials say while a police negotiator was talking to Trottier on the phone, Trottier used a gun to shoot himself through heart. Police entered the home at about 1:00am on Friday.

Officials say while Trottier was on the phone, he never denied committing the robberies.

Police say they don't have motive. Investigators say there was no evidence of drug use at Trottier's home.

Police say they did turn up sufficient evidence to link Trottier to nine of theeleven robberies, and the gun he used to kill himself was likely the same one used in the crimes.

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