BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Retirement can be spent many different ways. For Sharon Fiedler it's been spent taking pictures of wildlife all around Maine and an art she's perfected over the years.

Fiedler first picked up a camera and headed outdoors 7 years ago. At the time she preferred photographs of Moose, but has since gravitated more towards birds of prey. She's captured everything from Eagles swooping down and picking up fish from a lake, to a mother Fox nursing her pups. Something she describes as an adrenaline rush that keeps her venturing outdoors each day.

"Oh it's really exciting and sometimes you don't even know what you have until you get it home and on the computer because things just happen so fast with wildlife," said Fiedler.

Sharon sends many of the photographs she takes of rare birds to Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. They then use the ID tag numbers she's managed to capture to keep track of where the birds are.

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