Here are 10 things you need to know about the storm heading into Maine this weekend.

1) Low pressure will be coming up from the Appalachians, passing over Cape Cod and into the Gulf of Maine by later Sunday afternoon.

2) Precipitation will likely begin as rain or a sloppy mix between 3-5pm over extreme southern Maine, 5-7pm for interior and Midcoast Maine and after 7pm further north.

3) Temperatures will be above freezing, for the most part when the precipitation begins, which is why we may see some rain or drizzle first.

4) The track of the storm, as it looks now, will cause a rain/snow line to develop along the coast, which would hold snow totals down for many coastal locations. A jog 50 miles further south would mean that the rain/snow line would be located off shore; further north and the rain/snow line comes further inland.

5) Precipitation will come down heaviest between 10pm and 3am Sunday night/Monday morning.

6) A period of icing may occur over parts of Washington and Hancock Counties late Sunday night. Up to 1/4" of ice is possible there.

7) This will be a quick-moving system; the snow and rain will wind down before sunrise on Monday.

8) Winds will pick up to around 25 mph along the coast and shift from SE to NNE. Higher winds/gusts will be found offshore; less wind will be felt inland.

9) Final snowfall tallies will be about 6-10" for much of Androscoggin, Kennebec, and Penobscot Counties, northern Waldo, Hancock and Washington Counties, and southern Oxford, Franklin, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. Lesser amounts will be found toward the coast with rain either mixing in or falling almost entirely.

10) According to data from the National Weather Service website, if Portland receives an inch of snow from this storm, the city would finish December with the 12th highest December snow total on record.

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