BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- When coupled with subzero temperatures, the worry of not knowing where you will get your next meal or where you will sleep at night becomes unimaginable. Over the last few nights temperatures have felt like 20 degrees or more below zero. A night you want to stay inside, but for some people in the area that is not an option.Homelessness is a problem in every corner of our state. When winter arrives local shelters and law enforcement work around the clock to reach those in need.

Dennis Marble with the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter said, "We've had more people, some people we haven't seen in a while come in for the day program because it is here and they know they will have a hot meal."

There are, however, still those who do not come in for help.

Marble said, "The staff that work here with the clients have done a wonderful job with relationship building and to stay in touch with people."

Last year nearly 6,000 Mainers faced homelessness. When temperatures drop below zero for long periods of time shelters like the Bangor area homeless shelter say everyone needs to react.

Marble suggests helping those who may be in need of help. Some suggestions to help someone would be call the local police department for a welfare check, call 211, or contact local churches to find out if they provide warming shelters during the day.

"Folks that we see here are truly people in need and 90% of the time through no fault of their own other than making a bad decision when they didn't have much under them to support themselves. So it is real. It's serious and the weather just reinforces that," said Marble.

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter offers a day program from 8AM to 4PM for anyone who needs help or could use a hot meal. The overnight program is on a first come, first serve basis.

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