Lewiston, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- The Christmas ice storm knocked out power to more than 100-thousand people. Two weeks after that catastrophe, snowmobilers are out reopening trails they had originally cleared in the fall. The effort is taxing Maine snowmobile clubs as the work is being done by members who volunteer.

"We had probably ten guys out clearing trail for three days in a row and, of course, after you get it all cleared, you have to groom it to make sure it is safe," said Eric Spear of Lewiston's Hillside Family Riders.

His club maintains forty miles of trail including 25 along Maine's Inter State Trail System considered the super highway of snowmobiling.

"It was kind of unfortunate with all the work that we do in the fall," said Kevin Deschambeault.

The Hillside Family Riders believe that all of their trails are now open.

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