BUXTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -Having a warm home during the cold winter months can be a challenge for many people in Maine especially our older citizens.

In the Town of Buxton retrurnable bottles and cans are helping to keep the heat on in the homes of senior citizens. Nine years ago Local resident Ed Newell created the Keep The Heat Onprogram to help the elderly with their heating bills by urging people to donate their returnable bottles and cans.

"It adds up the next thing you know we have thousands of dollars that have been built up into this account just by returnables", said Jean Harmon of the Buxton Board of Selectmen.

Last year those returnable generated $7800. This year there is more than $3200in the fund.

A couple of years ago after her husband passed away Ruth Richardsfound herself doing something she had never done before.

"I went to the town to ask them for help I didn't know what was available but I just have to have the help of the time it was December when he died that was right in the middle of the winter", she said.

That's when she learned aboutKeep The Heat On. She does her best to fend for herself during the cold winter months, but when things get tough its reassuring for her to know help is available.

"Us old people are independent. We were brought up to be independent and take care of ourselves. That's the way we want to be, but we reach the point where we can always be that way and it is tough to ask for help", she said.
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