PORTLAND, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- A group of local investors is licking its wounds and considering asking for an investigation of Treasure Hunter Greg Brooks.

A naval historian has developed a list of thirteen ships which Brooks says he's located and hold twelve billion dollars in treasure. Brooks has solicited millions from investors, but not brought up significant and has never publicly announced bringing up any treasure.

Naval historian Paul Lawton of Brockton, Massachusetts became interested in Brooks' claims when he heard the Gorham, Maine adventurer was looking for Nazi subs. Lawton looked into Brook's claims and new that one sub had sunk hundreds of miles away and the other was never even constructed by the German navy.

Lawton maintains that Brooks and Massachusetts researcher Ed Michaud have a record of developing treasure hunting companies, seeking investors and moving on before any treasure is recovered.

A group of local people who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars is considering going to the Attorney General and Maine's U. S. Attorney to ask for an investigation.

Previously published reports say that Brooks is selling his ship, The Sea Hunter and that he has laid off his crew as he abandons his latest wreck, the U. S. S. Port Nicholson.

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