SOUTH PARIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Cameras are all around us these days. Now they're even part of the uniform of our law enforcement officers. Deputies with the Oxford County Sheriff's Department now have small pager sized cameras clipped onto their ties.

Whether it's a criminal investigation, an interrogation or a traffic stop, the deputies simply pull down a bar on the front the camera and it begins recording. The recordings give them a video record to go along with their written reports, a record that can provide the emotion of a situation.

"It protects the citizenry, protects the deputy as well. Many times people make false accusations and we'll be able to look back at this video and say no this didn't happen or yes that did happen", said Chief Deputy Hart Daely.

The cameras cost about 900-dollars each. The Oxford County Sheriff's Department purchased 12 Cop-Vu cameras using money from a federal grant.

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