TURNER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Fire destroyed a barn housing 33 dogs at Varney's Labs in Turner overnight Monday. While most of the dogs made it out on their own, or with some coaxing, 4 were still unaccounted for.

One of those 4 wasa 6-month old black lab. Firefighter Jacob Gardner entered the burning building and found her hiding beneath a pile of debris and barely alive.

He was able to pull her out but she had some smoke damage to her eyes and lungs so she was rushed to the local emergency clinic.
When the dog was released, Gardner volunteered to pick her up and bring her home -- for good -- adopting her.

"If I wouldn't have found her, she'd of still been in there this morning," Gardner said. "So there's a reason I went in after her and I'm glad that I found her and I'm not letting her go."

The pup's new name is, fittingly, Smokey.

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