BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A Bangor woman passed away unexpectedly but her lifetime of giving to others continues. Shann Gillespie left $790,000 to two local organizations that were dear to her heart.

The Bangor Humane Society and Saint John's Catholic Church each received a check for $395,000 Friday.

Gillespie's friend Ruth-Marie Spellman said, "She told me way back before I ever saw the will that that is where she was leaving the money and it was very important to her."

Gillespie is described as a shy woman who never wanted recognition for her good deeds. Her friends, however, did not want this final act of good to go unnoticed.

"If she was living and you tried to give her recognition she would go the other direction. She was very timid in that respect. She didn't want recognition. She just wanted to do. That was Shann," explained Spellman.

Suzan Bell with the Bangor Humane Society worked with Gillespie when she was a volunteer and said, "I think that irregardless of who is here at the Humane Society, the next generation know that there are people who gave. We have to do a good job and we have to live up to what she expected of us."

The Bangor Humane Society will keep the donation in a savings account until the board can decide what is the best way to honor the donor.

The church will use the money on future renovation projects to maintain the historic building.

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