(WKYC) - Six out of ten cancer patients now give holistic or alternative remedies a try and every day; more people who are wanting to feel better are too.

It's little surprise that wellness centers are popping up in communities all over.

"I was miserable. I never felt good. I didn't have any energy. I didn't want to get up," said holistic care patient Debbie Spangler.

Determined to turn her health around, Debbie first tried typical methods.

"They didn't have any idea what was wrong they just kept pushing medicine and medicine my immune system started to break down cause I was having reactions to all the medicines they were giving me," said Spangler.

Debbie turned to natural, homeopathic remedies with nothing to lose; Debbie decided to give holistic health a try.

The first step was finding the root of her problem, so she met with Naturopath Rachel Anzalone.

"This isn't about alternative healthcare. This is supporting your body with what it needs on a day to day basis," said Naturopath Rachel Anzalone.

Debbie started with a clense using shakes, bars and supplements to help flush toxins out of her body, and then she got help cleaning up her diet.

"Eating healthily, paying attention to what I put in my body and what it does to my body. I feel a thousand times better," said Spangler.

"We're not addressing specific health issues. It's about creating overall health within the body," said Anzalone.

Holistic Lakewood also offers time spent on the bio mat, as a way to balance your mind and body with negative ions and quiet time.

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