PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -The deadline for seniors to enroll or change their Medicare plans is drawing near. Medicare's open enrollment period is set to close next Friday.

An estimated 50 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare, and that number will continue to increase as baby boomers turn 65.

Experts say as seniors health care needs and financial situations change from year to year, now is the time to make sure coverage is adequate.

Doctors who treat seniors at Martin's Point Health Care say some of their patients aren't aware that the enrollment is underway. Others, especially patients who on different medications have huge concerns whether their medications and other services will be covered.

'Will my wellness visits be covered, if I do become sick and do need hospitalization, how much as the co-pays? I definitely find there is a lot of anxiety and concern to get health care covered?' said Dr. William Wadland, a geriatric specialist at Martin's Point HealthCare.

There are a number of resources available to help seniors with navigate the enrollment process. You can go to to get more information on comparing options for plans.

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