AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's Secretary of State is now officially a candidate for US Senate. Charlie Summers launched his campaign today at the State House, with several members of the Legislature who support his run by his side.

Before being elected Secretary of State by the the legislature, Summers served in the state Senate, the Small Business Adminstration and the Navy Reserve.

He was also the State Director for Senator Olympia Snowe's office.

He has run for Congress before, but says he felt compelled to enter this race for Senate to fight the efforts of the Obama Administration.

Summers says "More government, more regulation, more spending more taxes, are not the answer."

Responding to a question by reporters, Summers saidhe has already taken steps to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. He said he has given his deputy the authority to make decisions on election matters put before the Secretary of States office during the course of his campaign.

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