BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The superhero Batman is known as a defender of justice. Yet one man who likes to dress up as the caped crusader found himself on the wrong side of the lawon Sunday.

For years Chris Schwartz has been the 'Bar Harbor Batman.' He wears a bat suit around town and is known by both residents and tourists.

A comment he made on his Facebook fan page yesterday drew tough reaction. Schwartz posted that he wanted a million dollars in cash or he would blow up a hospital. He claims he was simply making a joke by quoting a line from the recent Batman movie "the Dark Knight."

The town's police department didn't find it funny. They asserted Schwartz and charged him with terrorizing. Mount Desert Island hospital was later notified but wasn't evacuated.

Schwartz says he understands why his comments caused a scare but says he feels the police overreacted.

"That's when it dawned on me that it could be taken the wrong way...that everything you say on Facebook could be misconstrued and you can't control how people are going to react to what you say or how you say it," he said.

"In the post 9/11 era we can't take things like that lightly," said Officer Thom Tardiff of the Bar Harbor Police Department, who arressted Schwartz,"so I found him, I interviewed and through my investigation, I found it concerning enough to place him under arrest."

Schwartz also says police did not read him his Miranda Rights upon arrest. He added that he has had past run-in's with the Bar Harbor police department and felt officers used the post to target him. He is scheduled to appear in court in June.

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