YORK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Turnpike Authority got more public input Monday night about proposals to increase tolls.

The agency held a public hearing in York. It was the fourth public hearing held in Maine on the issue.

The Turnpike Authority is proposing toll hikes at all the tolls. Most of those increases are less than a dollar.

Turnpike Authority Executive Director Peter Mills explained that no matter how they crunch the numbers, the agency has to raise an additional 26 million dollars. How to do it is yet to be decided.

At two dollars each way, the York tolls are already the most expensive in the state, so it's not surprising that people who live in the area are not pleased at the idea of having to shell out another dollar each time they use the interstate.

"The citizens of York do not mind paying their fair share," York Board of Selectmen Chair Mary ANdrews said. "But we do feel most emphatically that is it grossly unfair to charge us three dollars to go six or seven miles when we have to do it."

While the tolls can be expensive for local residents, the Turnpike Authority says more than 50 percent of the revenue collected at the York tolls comes from out of state drivers.

The York tolls alone make up for nearly 40 percent of the Turnpike Authority's more than 35 million dollars in total toll revenue.

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