WARREN, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- Ever dream of a career change? A welder in the town of Warren has done it...and on Saturday you can view the results.

Jay Sawyer has transformed his welding skills from commercial welder to artist.

In the process, he's created dozens of sculptures from old pieces of steel. These range from a giant mushroom made from an old water tank to spheres made from horse shoes and airplane parts. On Saturday his three-acre Stemwinder Sculpture Garden will be open for people to take a look. Sawyer says he's become an artist gradually, following creative ideas that come from the steel he finds. Sawyer says some of his works have already been bought by collectors, and one is now an exhibit at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.

Sawyer's Sculpture Garden is located right off Route 90 in Warren, about a quarter-mile from Route One. He says it will be open Saturday between ten and five. "Turn by the patriotic pickup," he says.

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