SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For the last weekthe non-profit STRIVE has been keeping a secret at the Maine Mall; one they revealed Saturday by pulling back a large black curtain.

Behind the curtain was the band, The 302 Benders. STRIVE works with teens and young adults with developmental disabilites and each year they hold a dance marathon -- it's their biggest fundraiser.

This year's announcement means they'll be moving the dance marathon to the mall and stretching it out.

The marathon itself will still be 12 hours,but nowon Sunday, they'll stay open for families who can't stay up with them all night. They'll have a moonbounce and other activities to keep the fun going all weekend long.

STRIVE's Program Director, Peter Brown, says, "It's one of our major fundraisers of the year. We have to raise about 85% of our funds every year and this really does that as well as this inclusive event that all of our members can participate in, and it really helps get the word out to the community about what strive does and how people with developmental disabilities can be an important part of the community as well."

The STRIVE Rocks Dance Marathon will be held at the Maine Mall March 2-3.

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