BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - While officials representing Hostess Brand, Inc. meet with leaders from the bakery workers union in New York, workers at the Hostess plant in Biddeford are meeting with their union representatives.

There is also word that another company may come in to buy Hostess' brands.

Despite Monday's developments at Hostess' bankruptcy hearing, workers in Maine feel there is little hope of going back to work if there are no guarantees a new company will step in to save their jobs.

Tuesday's meeting was originally called for an opportunity for workers to speak with the Maine Department of Labor's Rapid Response Team. And those team members did arrive to help them navigate the process of applying for unemployment benefits and seeking job retraining opportunities.

But workers also met with their union representatives who said that if the two sides can not bridge their differences, the liquidation of the company will resume on Wednesday and the employees will be officially out of work.

"I can't say there is hope," says Hostess worker David Lamontagne, "I'm not saying there is a buyer out there. We just don't know, it's all rumors."

Labor officials met with members of the Teamsters Union Monday in Augusta.

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