CORINNA, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Ms. Glazier's fourth grade class has big ideas for how to make the world a better place. Thursday morning those ideasallowed them to win$1,000from the "Dig into Science withS.W. Cole Engineering." The check was presented in front of the entire school and was a complete surprise to everyone.

Senior Environmental Scientist David Dunning with S.W. Cole Engineering presented the check to the class, "The kids just had some great ideas. They interviewed kids throughout the classroom and they each presented their ideas on what they had as to how they can make a better place."

The students made a two-minute video and submitted it along with 80 other entries. They are one of seven classes to receive the grant funding. The proud teacher,Sarah Glazier, or Ms. Gsaid, "It's exciting because they came up with things that I was very surprised they came up with. Things beyond my imagination and I just let them kind of go with it."

Fourth grader Cole Sawyer presented his idea in the video, "My idea was a wind powered car that has fans that run it. A new type of car that ran green and didn't leak oil or anything like that to make the world polluted. So I thought a wind powered car. Wind is free and you can get it anywhere."

The money from the grantis used to promote awareness about science, technology, engineering, and math in the classroom. This class, however, wanted to share the wealth.

Lauryn Anderson of Ms. Glazier's class said, "We are going to spend it with the whole school. Every class gets some."

The big check will hang on the classroom wall as a reminder for a job well done.

Glazier said, "I think it will remind us to work hard this year and really bring in more science. it communicates with them that science is a part of their daily lives and makes them better students."

The fourth graders plan to bring in a group known as "Mad Science" to teach all the students the importance of science in the classroom.

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