EDINBURGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--A Maine State Trooper, was found to be legally justified in using deadly force in an officer involved shooting in Edinburgh last August. Trooper Chris Hashey shot and wounded 54 year old Warren Dome outside Dome's house on the Edinburgh Road on August 14th.

Trooper Hashey, and Penobscot County Sheriff's Deputy Raymond Goodspeed went to the home after Dome called 911 and made some strange statements that made the dispatcher believe he may be suicidal.

When Hashey arrived on scene a woman and man were approaching Dome's house, and he had asked them to get in their car and leave. That's when Dome reportedly came towards him with a knife. According to the report, Hashey shot Dome after repeatedly asking him to drop the knife. Dome was taken to the hospital and treated for gunshot wounds.

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