AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A new space in the Auburn Public Library is anything but quiet.

In the Create! Media Lab, patrons can play and record music and shoot and edit videos with new Mac computers, cameras, and green screen technology -- all for free.

It's the first digital media lab in a public library in Maine, and library officials believe it's the only one in New England.

Any library card holder from Auburn, Lewiston, and Minot can use the space and take workshops. The space may also be reserved for two hours at a time.

So far, the staff has mostly worked with schools.

Volunteer instructor Bill Wallace has been teaching Bates College students how to use Keynote, a presentation software similar to Powerpoint.

A fifth grade class from Fairview Elementary used the media lab to create a "Call Me Maybe" cover about math problems, called "Solve Me Maybe."

Wallace said it's an example of the ever-evolving purpose of the public library.

"In the case of all of this media, it's a chance to use this equipment that [students] probably couldn't afford on their own at home," he said.

"It sort of levels the playing field."

Media Lab Specialist Donna Wallace said they may be starting with students, but they hope to make it a community space, impacting both education and the local economy.

"My next goal is to reach out to small business owners who maybe can't afford advertising, and they can put together their own advertising here," she said.

The Create! Media Lab is open during regular library hours, Monday through Sunday.

More information about workshops and resources can be found on the Auburn Public Library's website.

Grant money from Proctor and Gamble and Best Buy, along with money from the estate of Norrine and Ernest Wilkins, of Auburn,funded the lab's construction, equipment, and instructors.

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