DAYTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Late last week, staff, volunteers, and clients of the LaDawn Therapeutic Riding Centerfound a stranger hiding out in their stables.

"He likes to hide in the horse stall," explained occupational therapist, Donna Lariviere. "I think he came from someone's house."

They are used to having unexpected and uninvited guests like swallows and squirrels hanging around the barn, eating leftover feed and taking shelter from the elements, but they've never seen anything quite like the bird that flew into their lives and their hearts.

"He's decided to stay, I think," said Donna. "I don't know. Every time we put him out, he keeps coming back."

'He' is a handsome homing pigeon that they know very little about, including if 'he' is really a 'she'. Despite that lack of information, they've given him a few names, including Snowball, Marshmallow, and Tex.

"I didn't ask this bird to come here, it came to find us, so we need to help it out," said Donna's mother, Elaine Lariviere. "We know that it is friendly. We know that is doesn't bite you or anything."

They all have theories as to where the pigeon came from, but what they'd really like to know is who owns the bird so they can return it to them.

The pigeon doesn't have an ankle bracelet or any other identifying information with it, so they are hoping by spreading the word that they have the bird, its owners will contact them to claim him.

"I would be sad that somebody lost their family pet and they'd miss him," explained Donna.

If no one comes forward, they say they'll keep him in the barn where there is plenty of grain to graze on and lots of rafters to roost in.

"This is a good home, but it is not a pigeon home," she said.

They invite anyone who is missing a large, white homing pigeon to contact them at 207-499-0080 or you can email Donna Lariviere, but be forewarned, they plan to ask anyone who comes forward to claim the bird questions to make sure the bird is theirs, and the home it will be heading to is a safe one.

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