SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It has been a difficult and frustrating three years since Judi and Wayne Richardson's daughter Darien was shot inside her apartment.

While they wait for word on any new developments in their daughter's homicide case, They are speaking out in hopes of getting new laws to expand gun background checks.

It was January 2010 when a masked gunman broke into an apartment in Portland and opened fire. 25-year old Darien Richardson was struck twice, her boyfriend hit once.

A few months later, while away in Florida, Darien Richardson died from a blood clot in her leg that formed as a result of that shooting.

"And the investigation seems to be at a standstill. There's a person out there, someone is out there who shot our daughter. That's scary to us and it's frustrating", said her mother Judi Richardson.

Not long after her passing, the gun used to shoot herwas used in another Portland homicide. The man convicted in that case Daudoit Butsitsi refused to say where he got the gun from. Police traced it back to a private sale at a gun show. The man who sold it said he didn't recall who he sold it to.

Private sellers of guns do not have to perform background checks or keep records of the sales. The Richardsons want to see that changed. They gathered with more than 100-relatives of victims to pressure lawmakers. They sat in on a senate hearing, met with first lady Michelle Obama and spent some time with Senator Susan Collins.

"We wanted her to see and hear our story from us. See the pain in our face. Hear the pain in our voice and talk about why. This is one of the important pieces of the bill to close this loophole", said Judi Richardson.

The Richardsons say in the debate over gun control we hear a lot of facts and figures. They and the other relatives of victims wanted lawmakers to see the faces of those left behind.

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